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Size Conversion Charts

In order to bring you the best selection of clothing at the best possible prices, Mercantile Americana utilizes multiple vendors and manufacturers. In some cases, as with many of our premium European brand name products, these products were originally intended to be sold in another country. As such, the labels reflect the clothing sizes for that particular country. Many of us seem to think this means the clothing must be of lesser quality. I say many of us because that is how I used to feel. I could not have been further from the truth.

In reality, Mercantile Americana is cutting out the middle man to save money for you, our customers. By buying directly from distributors in the source country, we cut out the added costs of repackaging and warehousing here in America. We then pass this savings on to you.

Rather than guess at what size you should order, we have put together three size charts to help you determine what your correct size is for the product you are buying. We have a chart for women's clothing, another for men's clothing, and finally one for shoes. Simply click on the icons below to open the chart in a new window. 

Happy Shopping!

Women's Clothing Size Conversion Chart
Men's Clothing Size Conversion Chart
Shoe Size Conversion Chart